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And Then There Where 3

We took Brody to Ohio State Veterinary Hospital early this morning. His surgeon discussed the surgeon, risks and complications and then ask if we had any questions. Brody’s Dad said Yes!  I had a dream that you took off wrong leg!  She laughed and replied, “That only happens in humans.”  Brody was very relaxed when they took him back.
Brody did great and is recovering well. They said he would be eating later and he was his goofy self.
I work on his confinement area as his surgeon stressed the importance of keeping him calm.
He should come home tomorrow and then his journey continues.
I’ll update more tomorrow as I am exhausted and falling asleep.

Always Happy

I know my anxiety is just that.  Brody doesn’t seem to care he has cancer and just wants to play fetch.  His face has always melted my heart even when in trouble

As a pup his momma accidentally injured his face when trying to ween him, thus the wrinkles that are his personality.

4 days and that painful leg will be gone!

Less than a week

As we prepare for Brody’s surgery everyday is a day closer to his pain being removed.  He still is very active and as a Lab doesn’t like to rest much.
This week he is meeting a new friend to him but old to me. Michelle is also scheduled for amputation due to sarcoma.  She feels a bond so we are getting together so they can help each other.
Michelle has be fighting for 8 years and she had a strong opinion to get Brody’s leg amputated to fight his sarcoma.  She said just due it!
You will soon see pictures from their meeting and hopefully enjoy their bond.

That Day!

Brody had started limping and not using his rear right leg.  Being a Lab we thought he had chased the Ball too long, as he never stopped til we hid the ball.  Well it didn’t heal and after a visit to his doctor it was thought he had a soft tissue injury.  He was to rest, yes he’s a Lab so this was impossible, and heal.  But the opposite  happened and so we did further tests  i.e. X-rays.  I received the call after I walked in house from work.  My world crashed, Brody is my boy, my life.   I heard sarcoma and cried.  Asked his Doctor if I could call her in morning as I could not think or talk.  He is only 3!  How could this be!

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