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Brody’s buddy Michelle update

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Michelle is doing well should be moved out of ICU tonight.  She will have a second surgery Monday or Tuesday.  She is very tired but that’s expected. She needs some of Brody’s energy.  If only we could send her some.
I did talk to Michelle’s Husband yesterday to let him know of our decision with Brody and asked him to let her know.  He sent words of support and assured me I made a good decision.   Michelle has been going through chemo for years and she was who I went to for advice when Brody was diagnosed.
Keep Michelle in your thoughts and prayers she has been through so much!

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4 thoughts on “Brody’s buddy Michelle update”

  1. Just got message from Michelle. She said she knows Brody has more smiles to put on people’s faces. She’s out of ICU!

  2. Thanks so much for the update on Michelle👍
    And YAY for being out of ICU!
    And yes, agree 100%, you definitely made the right decision on your path forward.
    And that’s such a beautiful photo of Michelle and Brody on so many levels. Clearly their bond is very special and one they both understand on a Soul level.
    We are sending prayers and an extra dose of positve energy to our “adopted family member”. And tell Michelle that she still has smiles to put on people’s faces too😊
    Thanks for updating us and for that sweet picture
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Oh that is great news about Michelle! I’m a total believer that she feels the pawsitivity coming her way. All of us our sending it! She and Brody have a special bond that is pure magic. Let the healing begin so they can be together again. Tell her we are all cheering for her, and keep us posted.

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