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Decision for more time

Brody had his re-check today.  Incision looks great. Unfortunately  with the path report we had to make a decision today of more time or just palliative care.  Brody is almost 4 and very happy and active with being a Tripaw. Osteosarcoma is as you most know aggressive and will usually metastasize.  After discussing our options and due to his good health otherwise Brody is having his first chemotherapy today.  Ohio State Veterinary Oncology is very busy so we started ASAP. Tears are many as I realize his time is limited but he has more life to live.  Right or wrong we are in this Journey together.  I may need help with side affects but let’s hope not.  I’ve been through this decision before with my husband and he had 2 extra years with his daughters.  Thanks for the support here.  💛💛🦮

2 thoughts on “Decision for more time”

  1. Yes we are totally supporting you however we can. I’m sorry you had go to through this with your husband. Brody’s situation must bring up all sorts of emotions. You sound strong though, and he is benefiting from that pawesome attitude.

    It’s good you went with your gut feeling to proceed with chemo. That way you know you won’t have any regrets some day. We’ll keep our paws crossed for no side effects. Keep us posted.

  2. Exce path forward. You betcha’ Brody has a lot more lofe to love. And he has a good Guardian Angel in your husband to help watch over uoj two💖
    Probably will only have minimal aide effects, IF any at all! Let is know how he’s doing, okay.
    Uou’ve been on here long enough to remind yourself Body did hear a single word about “prognoosis… schmognosis” . It all means nothing to him and he’s just getting on with being Brody.
    Conti to Be More Dog…make every m0ment the gest moment ever, just like Brody does😎
    And let is know how Michelle is doing when uou can. We’re cheering for both of them💖💖
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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