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One More Treatment

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Brody has done fantastic with his treatments. No side effects through 5 of them.  Today  was an interesting treatment day as when it was time to go back he crawled against the wall and through the bottom of a gurney down the hallway.  We laughed and I coaxed him through the double doors.  When I picked him up as usual he pulled his Vet down the hallway. I was then told as soon as the doors closed he laid down and they had to use gurney to take him rest of the way.  Gotta love Trazodone.
He hasn’t had any issues except on very smooth floors.  He actually runs beside his boy who is riding a dirt bike.
Last X-rays showed no signs of metastasis.  So we are celebrating.
The only problem I see is his people have been bad about keeping him in check with his training and he is back to some old bad habits.  But he deserve and little freedom.
His sarcoma Buddy Michelle needs some positive vibes as she has progressed as well as Brody.  She and I talked and believe the human brain is hindering her recovery.  She wants to be more like Brody and just live life.  We plan a visit next week to lift her spirits.
One more treatment them we see what’s next!

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One thought on “One More Treatment”

  1. Brody! WOW that is fantastic news. You are almost done with chemo once and fur all. WHEEEE! You’re knocking it out of the park and showing us all how it’s done. I’m so happy you’re handling it well, and back to your old self (well except when that Trazadone makes you wonky lol!).

    Give our love and pawsitivity to Michelle OK? She needs you buddy. Show her how it’s done. xoxo

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